Learn To Longboard New York

Switch Kick is The Only Thing We Teach

Introductory 60 minute class                                        $75.00  Protective Gear and Board Inclusive
90 minute class                                                                    $95.00
Switch Kick Board rental per class                               $25.00
Protective Gear rental per class                                     $25.00
Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly: Rates                                Please Inquire

Endurance longboarding is about a clean and effective performance stroke. Commuting by longboard is about   reading traffic patterns and matching and surface conditions with your checked speed. For fitness imagine speed skating on ice. For commuting think business attire on a folding bike with relaxed steady stroke.

The stroke I teach is called switch kick. Switch kick is to endurance longboarding as freestyle swimming stroke is to Olympic swimming, there is no faster nor more effective way to propel the body on a longboard.  The body adapts to the load applied. The opposite is just as true and may even be more important. One drop at a time will fill a bucket. I like to teach each “drop” correctly and safely. The sum of these perfectly executed “safe drops” leads to a seamless switch kick. There is never “go for it” in my training. At the least wrist guards and helmets are mandatory at all times.

Kicking switch at first glance may seem to appear to be an unachievable challenge.  However consider pole vaulting, butterfly swimming or even street or vertical skateboarding. All of these are incredibly challanging and millions of people world wide dedicate and achieve mastery of them. Switch kicking is new on the scene as an activity inside this decade. Trust me when I tell you, switch kick is far less of a challenge than leaping out of a half pipe vertically or even launching an ollie and yes you will switch kick far faster than you will ever swim butterfly. Once you begin your whole fitness and transport life will light afire with excitement.

I coach at all levels and welcome the complete beginners. If you are a virgin to the skateboard be happy to know that switch kicking will come to you with far greater ease. Coerced ambidexterity in the legs is achieved fastest by never having achieved it with either leg having become dominant. Reasonably, all beginners shall have rough mastery of a switch kick within 20 sessions and complete domination and mastery after 13 months of dedicated practice.

Please contact me to set up a preliminary interview and evaluation for you or your child’s needs. I can work on an hourly or monthly basis.

Watch Switch Kicking Below