The noble skateboard has had a grand history in the radical daredevil theater over the last 40 years. It continues to this day. Once and for all with a focus on the development of the SWITCH KICK stroke alone the board begins to enter the endurance and transport area.

What youth fail’s to cry out, “Look mom! A skateboard.” weather it be long or short? Everyday younger and younger kids take flight on top of little play kick scooters filling their young hearts with delight and their faces with the irreplaceable feeling of wind passing by, a new destination reached father away from home.

Has anyone before realized the symbiotic connection of the scooter to the switch kicking stroke on the skateboard?  What field sport is more popular than soccer (global FIFA football)? What makes the best footballers in the world? Double footed players make the best players and how might football players achieve this ambipedal skill set in higher numbers?  What defines life long full body fitness and how might it best be achieved? How can wheel sports connect and be taught along side field sports to create a more harmonious society?

These are some of the topics, questions and view points presented to audiences young and old when Enrique Cubillo speaks. With an emphasis on opening minds towards the realization that human movements are no different than spoken languages, Enrique teaches and advocates fluency for all movements that fall under the transport sport umbrella. Especially when they provide daily does of strength, endurance plus balance. Transport sports recreate and later provide use as adult recreation and transportation. With his central focus and starting point being the humble board and 4 wheels, Enrique weaves a diagram of connectivity from pleasurable fun to life long sustainability for citizen and planet alike. His focus is on making the planet proud, creating citizens with multi lingual movement comprehension and inspiring each person in the audience to turn off the screen and get out to become their own epic.

Contact him today to arrange for a speaking engagement.  917 566 3386