Welcome to Central Park LongBoarder your source for longboarding as endurance based fitness and transportation exactly the same as speed skating on ice or inline skating. Skateboarding has as many dedicated disciplines as bicycling and inline skating. The bicycle over the last 50 years has been highly evolved into the inner most depths of both radical acrobat as well as endurance theater. Think BMX bike in a half pipe or the Tour de France road racing.  Same too inline skates race world cup and they also perform radically well in the aggressive acrobat theater.  

The endurance theater however is not well populated by the skateboard. Over the last 15 years a dedicated focus was made to take the board radically downhill in ways never before imaginable. Sliding same as a snowboard has been achieved. Hand in hand marched the engineering and many boards were produced with longer features. Bigger wheels and the advent of new truck designs allowed for a subset of skateboarding called longboarding did arise. Inside of this new group was also born a tiny group of people that began to treat the deck as a device to perform on with an endurance mind set. Endurance the kind we know of in marathon racing and triathlon racing is absolutely possible on a longboard once we learn to kick the board with ambidexterity on either side evenly. Central Park Longboarder is dedicated to this new pursuit of endurance athletics with a forward guiding message to global rolling and the understanding that when we develop recreation skills that later can be used for transportation we are more sustainable in our surroundings and achieve greater health. Follow along with us and make the planet proud. Learn to switch kick and your world will never be the same again.